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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run

One Saturday a month, I have to work four hours. Boo! In exchange, I work four hours one weekday. Yay ! Today, September 21, 2010 was the weekday. So, off to Wekiwa Springs State Park, where I was in the water just past 2.

Green heron in the hydrilla. I don't think the herbicide in the lagoon is working, I've never seen it so thick. Fortunately, it does not go to far down River, or into the Spring. This alligator was where the lagoon narrows and the Wekiva River begins.

A second gator.

Not much traffic on a late September weekday with school back in session. Three other paddlers on the Wekiva on the way to Rock Springs Run. Saw four paddlers on Rock Springs Run as I headed up stream.

The water level is low, so the discharge from distant Rock Springs has the Run clear 8 plus miles from the source.

Saw the first deer of the day between Indian Mound and Big Buck. First deer from the yak pic since August 13, also, of course, on Rock Springs Run.

Saw another two deer, other side of the Run, a few minutes later. No pics.

I paddled up Run until 4:20. The opening photo is the turnaround.

Entering the "open area" upstream of the Big Buck campsite.

A deer was too fast for me.
Saw another three deer on the way downstream. In the same general area. I know one was not one I saw on the way up Run.

That's because I had not seen a buck. Lower right corner, above. It crossed the Run, paused, looked back at me, then went into the forest. I was not the only one to see it. A guy was walking up the Run, fishing pole in hand. "Did you see the buck crossing" "Yes, very cool" "4 points or 6" " A small four pointer". Looking at it now, it was a six pointer. The angler and his buddy, a bit behind, had walked up from the Otter Camp site. I did not see a canoe, just hiking shoes and socks at the campsite. They must have blazed a trail from the Park's hiking trail, which does not go to Otter.

Flora and fauna.

The limpkin enjoyed a clam.

10 after 6, back on the Wekiva River.
It has been a long time, pre Dave's Yak Tales, since I've seen a deer on the bank of the Wekiva between Wekiwa Springs and Rock Springs Run.
That made seven for the afternoon. I was looking at this ibis on a tree across the River when I noticed the deer to my right.
With the deer, and the gator at the start of the paddle, I decided the Wekiva deserved equal billing with Rock Springs Run for this Tale.

The hydrilla may be unsightly, and a threat to clog the River, but the assorted herons, tri colored, blue and green, seem to enjoy it. The prey can't see them.
I landed at seven pm. Trudged up the hill and loaded the yak by the light of the harvest moon.

I was hungry, the lunch that is sufficent for sitting at a desk doesn't quite make it for fivc hours of paddlig, but decided dinner could wait while I drove 2 miles on the Park road to Sand Lake.
Saw three deer on the way. Sailor's delight.
After taking the sky pic, I turned around for a moon shot and almost walked into a deer. It got off the sidewalk that links the parking lot to the restrooms at Sand Lake.

Two more deer.

Sort of a shame they are so active when the light isn't very good. That made thirteen deer for the day. Saw a fourteeth, just before I drove throuugh the Park gate.


Tootie said...

WOW you saw a LOT of wildlife! I really enjoyed these posts. I know I'm way too old to start learning to kayak now, but these pictures made your trips look so relaxing with beautiful scenery and all that wildlife, it sure makes me think about it. You've got me thinking!:)

Dave said...

Tootie,mabye someday soon the grandkid(s) can take you kayaking.