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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blackwater Creek and Wekiva River

Sunday, March 13, 2011, I utilized a car-bike shuttle to kayak from the bridge over Blackwater Creek in the Seminole State Forest to Katie's Landing on the Wekiva River.  5 and a quarter miles from Katie's to the bridge.
After a long day on, and in, the Weeki Wachee Saturday, the time change, and the shuttle, I wasn't on the water until 12:30.
Just a few minutes down Creek from the bridge is a Florida Trail campsite.  I was disappointed in myself that I wasn't ready for the big alligator that hangs out across from the site.
Heard a snort.  Sounded like an otter. It was.  Popped  up, looked at me, disappeared. This gator was one of the minority not to flee upon my approach.
A beautiful day.  T-shirt and swim trunks.  Blue sky, blue heron.
Great blue heron.
The next pic was considered to open the Tale.
Or, was it this one?

I slowly made my way down the Creek, wanting to save myself for the paddle up the Wekiva.  Took 90 minutes to get to the high ground/bear crossing.  I took a break.

Another opening photo nominee, below.

You may have noticed the kayak is yellow, not red.  My recently purchased, used, Riot Voyager.  One way to avoid the leak problem I have with the Tsunami.

On to the Wekiva at 2:40.
If you are thinking, this entry to the Wekiva pic looks different, you are correct.  As usual, I saw the black crowned night heron in the alternate exit.  Usually, I back out, as this way is narrow, and you have to scrape over some cypress knees.  But, the water level is up a bit, so I went through.  Of course, doing things like this is how I get leaky yaks.

As usual, no one was on Blackwater Creek.  Eight boats on the Wekiva.
This gator made a wake as it swam up River.

I landed at 4:40. Just over 4 hours on the water.
Back to the Seminole State Forest to retrieve my bike.

Fives times back and forth on the Forest road and no deer.. Maybe I'll see one tomorrow.  With daylight to 7:45, I'll go for a ride after work.  Or maybe Tuesday, when I work to 1:00.

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looktotheleft said...

That gator is,is, is a big gator!! Another beautifully photographed piece of Florida!