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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blackwater Creek

The weather forecast had me modify my paddling plans today, Sunday, March 6, 2011.   Windy and a 70% chance of rain.  So instead of doing a car-bike shuttle and paddling from the Seminole State Forest to Katie's Landing, I just went down and up Blackwater, with a brief visit to the Wekiva River.  I figured the narrower Creek would protect me from the wind, and the trees would block some of the rain.  The forecast was right.  The 30% part.  It did not rain.  It was windy, kicking up when I got to the Wekiva,  so I made the right choice.  I can do the Forest to Katie's next weekend, my permit is good through St. Patrick's Day,
A late start after sleeping in.  Unlike Saturday, I remembered to tear the stub off the pay envelope and hang it on the mirror.  Of course, I saw no official vehicles or persons all day.  A family was fishing at the launch as I put in at 10:35.

As often is the case on Blackwater Creek, birds are hard to photo.  Three will be a total of two on this Tale. First, the pileated woodpecker two pics above.  So, here come a lot of scenics and reptiles.

The opening photo is from the next set.  Scenic and an alligator.  What else could I open with?

Reached the Wekiva, above, at 12:37. Paddle up River ten minutes before turning back. Saw the only boat of the day, motorboat.

Back on Blackwater Creek, a new tree downed since Saturday.  Small, no problem getting through.

I took a break at the usual spot, photo below, at 1:30.
I definitely have a small, slow leak in the yak. Once again, it filled faster when I paddled down stream than up.  I put on some duct tape before leaving home. Had to put some more on at lunch, as it had peeled away.

Passed the launch site at 3:38.

Kept paddling up Creek. Twenty minutes to the Moccasin Springs campsite.
Back to the landing.

Landed at 4:25.

Loaded the kayak, unloaded the trail bike and went for a ride.  And a walk.  The first tree pics are from  a Closed To Vehicles area at the back of the Oaks campsite.  

Oaks campsite

.On the bike.

The bear poop was fresher yesterday.  I saw no animals on the ride.  I think I'm due for some deer, or, if lucky, a bear sometime while I have this permit.  With daylight savings coming next Sunday, I may go after work a couple times next week. 

5.78 miles on the odometer.

Sunset over Bear Pond.


Luis said...

The first pic is awesome. The scenery invites to paddle there. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff said...

So is there ever a danger of getting attacked by alligators?

Dave said...

According to wikipedia, 13 people in Florida were killed by alligators in the 2000's. None were in a kayak. You are many many times more likely to get killed by dumbass on a cell phone as you drive to the water

The Florida Blogger said...

I don't think a gator would attack you while in a yak unless you encroached on their young. That being said, every time I see one of those lumbering beasts slide into the water in front of me, I get a little nervous.