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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lakes Maitland, Osecola, VIrginia and Mizel

AKA, The Winter Park section of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.
AKA Pelicans and peacocks.

AKA Welcome back to Wednesday after a two week hiatus.  I woke up early enough this morning for a longer paddle, so did the Winter Park portion of the Winter Park Chain.  Launched from Fort Maitland Park at 8:25, headed east, then south to the cypress trees that mark the border between the cities of Maitland and Winter Park.

Never seen pelicans roosting in these trees. There were three.  I used to think the pelicans I've seen on these inland lakes were wind blown, accidental visitors.  Now I wondering if they are making a permanent home fifty miles form the coast.
On to the south edge of Lake Maitland and Kraft Azalea Gardens.

Next, the Venetian Canal to Lake Osceola.

Mallard,  and ibis on the way across Osceola.  Also another pelican, probably one of the earlier trio.

Lake Maitland has Kraft Azalea Gardens, Lake Osceola, the Albin Polasek Sculpture Garden.

Through the Fern Canal to Lake Virginia.

Lake Maitland has Kraft Azalea Gardens, Lake Osceola, the Albin Polasek Sculpture Garden, Lake Virginia, Rollins College.
Into the Mizel Canal, shortest in the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.

Lake Mizel.

I heard the "arrrr, arrr" of peacocks.  And saw two.  Just one pictured here.  Bashful, did not put on a display.   I did not spend much time in either Lake Mizell, or Osceola, as I had to get back as today was a work day. But not until 12:30.

Fern Canal.

Lake Osecola.

Venetian Canal.

Return to Lake Maitland.
Headed towards the Winter Park/Mailand border.

Like many borders, a gathering place.

If you want photos of wood ducks

Visit Lake Maitland on a weekday. Mallards, too.

And more.

As always, little activity on the lakes.  A few anglers, one in a kayak. A great blue heron welcomed me back to Fort Maitland Park at 10:45.

I came home, posted the first few pics of this Tale, showered, and reached into the dresser for a shirt.  And pulled out one with a peacock on the front.  From my running days. Run For The Trees, April 2004.  A race I did with Robert J., who is in these Tales in a Hontoon Loop Tale from last year.  You can't make this stuff up.  Well, I can, but would not.

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