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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rock Springs Run

Paddled through a tornado on Rock Springs Run this morning, Wednesday, May 18, 2011. First weekday morning paddle from Wekiwa Springs State Park since February 16, 2011. Temps must have been in the 60's as steam was rising off the 70 degree water as I launched at 7:40 am.

I looked at my bike odometer, which serves as my watch, and it read 2:05.  Must have stopped.  I figured I'd down the Wekiva and up Rock Springs Run until 3:45, that should get me back at 11:00. 3 hours 20 minutes.

Saw one limpkin chick, but its parent shooed it into the lily pads, where it disappeared.

At the risk of being crude, I call this the "big tit tree".  Those of you who have paddled Rock Springs Run know what I mean.  The huge hollowed out cypress, with two large galls to use the proper term.  Amazing how much life it has.
Reached Indian Mound, pulled out the time piece.  1:30 something. What?  Must have stopped again.  When?  Based on past experience, it takes me 90 minutes, more or less, to  reach Indian Mound.  I figured I had enough time to reach Big Buck.

Photo taken at 9:14, had I known what the time was, I could have kept going another 5-10 minutes, but relying on instinct, and having to get to work, I turned around.

Same yellow crowned night heron as before, near Indian Mound Camp.

Into one of the "open areas"

One reason I made the effort to get out of bed early to paddle RSR was recent bear sightings.  I was just downstream of the spot where you used to have a two channel option when the Run was high.  30-40 yards down, on my right, a large brown shape.Now, Florida bears are black, but this looked darker than a deer, and broader.  But when I got to where it was, it was not there. I like to think I would have heard or seen it moved.  So, either I saw nothing, or the deer/bear/hog just sat down, covered by the emergent vegetation. 
I did see a growing limpkin.

Growing ibis.
Growing otter.  With fish.

In front of the log, just right of center.

 Back on the Wekiva River.

I landed, and asked the young man at the concession shack the time. "10:41"  I was early.  So I could take time to photo the turkeys in the parking lot.

I also took a photo of a car and kayak in the lot.  Not posted for privacy reasons, I can change that if the owner wants.  She and a friend were working their way all the way down Rock Springs Run, picking up trash., in Park kayaks.  I thought they would not find much, I saw four items, and picked up one.  I was wrong.  They picked up a two large trash bags full.  If you see two women in ranger uniforms and Smokey Bear hats, thank them.  They are volunteers.  And is trash is in your reach, pick it up.
Then, cleanse yourself in Wekiwa Spring.

I got to work five minutes early. Talk about bad planning.
Ducks during my lunch/dinner break, 6:15 PM

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Luis said...

Is that gator smiling for the pic?Looks like it is. I would like to do one of these weekday morning paddle at Rock Springs Run. It has to be special to have that place just for you with no people screaming or behaving like lunatics. Have to try to convince wifey.