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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

I did the usual Wednesday paddle on Tuesday because I Escape to Wisconsin Thursday.  Don't want to work to 9:00 PM before my travel day.  So, into Lake Maitland just before 9.  Spare glasses secured by a shoelace.  Which I promise myself I will do from now on.  Just took losing two pairs to convince me.


Maturing osprey.

Into Lake Nina.

Tri colored heron, Lake Minnehaha.

 Maturing blue heron
 Wood ducks

Spotted an otter, off shore.  I drifted out to where it was, waited for it to surface again.  It did, but further out in the lake.  I headed back to shore and continued my circle.

My Tuesday morning paddle was just like my usual Wednesday morning paddles.

Lots of birds. No people.

After not seeing an alligator on the WP Chain for 5 years, I've seen one 2 of the last three times I've been on Lake Minnehaha.  Small, perhaps the same one I saw a few weeks ago. No photo this time.

Back to a theme. Maturing moor hens.  Mini-versions of their elders, complete with red beak.

 Red shouldered on Lake Minnehaha. Flew across the tiny lake.

Landed at 11:00.  When I got home, the spare glasses, which are at least 20 years old, broke at the nose piece.  On the way to work, the left lens fell out.  I ordered a new pair from a glasses for $39.99 website from where I got my last two pairs.  Should have used next day air.  Used 2nd day.  They are sitting in Louisville.  I doubt they will arrive before I leave at 10:30 am.   So I had to spend $263 at Lenscrafters.  At least when I get back, I'll have a spare pair.  Asked the neighor to take the package when it arrives.  The glasses I have on now have progressive lens.  Appropriate as I head to Wisconsin for 5 days.  Of course, that would be Progressive. I'll see if I can find a statue of Fighting Bob Lafollete to post.

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Luis said...

Hope you have a good time at Wisconsin.