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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Saturday, June 11, 2011.  State Street and the Capitol from atop Bascom Hill.  The day began with the free breakfast at the Lowell Center.
Not shown, the waffle made fresh. Several waffle irons are on the buffet.

We could see Lake Mendota from the room, but not very well.  The white spot between the buildings. Better views to come.  We, Steve, Tom, Mark, Kevin, and I headed to Capitol Square to check out the Farmers Market and Walkerville.

I have not seen a sign for a TYME machine in years.  The original bank card.  Now, it seems to be a Wisconsin thing. Like bubblers.

If any state has a better looking seat of government, I'd like to see it.

 Looking down West Washington Avenue.  Steve R. and I lived on the 400 block for 2 years.  Looks like quite a hill to somebody now used to flat Florida.   The red head is not a relative.  So far as I know.

To honor our missing Norwegian friend.

Colonel Hans Christian Heg.  And to Jeff P, instigator, and for many years, host of Zakfest, I did not find the Polish statue.  We'll have to look for it next year.


 I never went to the Farmers Market when I was in college. Too early in the morning.  Today, after walking around Capitol Square, we headed down State Street back to the UW campus.  Past the Illinois ghetto.

 I don't recall outdoor tables on State Street in the late 70's early 80's.   Now, every place has outdoor seating.  Question for locals- did this come about after smoking was banned?
Actually, I took the above pic as I thought the place was called "Jan's".

We stopped for lunch at a place called the Casa de Lara.   Which had a fine view of Badger Liquor.  Where Skip worked and lived above the store.  I spent some happy times at this corner.  To show how long ago my college days were, I had never heard of Casa de Lara.  I googled it.  They are having 27th anniversary specials.  That's when I graduated. 1982.

Science Hall

Red Gym

State Historical Society
Memorial Union detail

Der Rathskeller

The Terrace
 Steve and Tom

 Birds like popcorn too. Reminds me of what a homeless person said abut the Union's ducks.  "Taste like popcorn"
In my day, this was full of smoke.  Not just cigarette.
 We left the Memorial Union, for a while.  Steve and I headed up Bascom Hill.
 No, Fredrick Jackson Turner was not teaching when I received my History major.
 Nor did I sleep in North Hall, the headquarters of my other major, Political Science.  The coffee in the Union was too strong.

 Peace Corp plaque.  For my niece, Abby.  A Peace Corp volunteer.

 Bascom Hill is the historic heart of the University of Wisconsin campus.. The building to the left of the carillon is Commerce Hall.  Funny to think it, but when I took a British History class here in 1978, 50 year old alumni must have thought, look at this new building. Built in 1953.

Observatory Drive

Music Hall

 I applied, was not accepted.  Good thing my Dad was a Marquette grad, so I got in there.  Of course, unlike grads of UW and MU who stay in state and benefit from the diploma privilege, I had to pass a bar exam when I moved to Florida.

View from the pedestrian bridge over Park Street.  
Capitol from the Library Mall.
Went into the University Bookstore.  I needed a Wisconsin cap.  The one I had is at the bottom of some waterway in Florida.  Rainbow River, I think.  Got the perfect cap.  It has "Wisconsin", motion W, and Bucky.  Also picked up a Packers Championship T-shirt.
We all met back at the Union.

It was cool, in the afternoon,  I noticed I, the Florida boy, was the only one in shorts.  Had jeans on now.

The last two times I was in Madison, the gang had dinner at Paisan's.  Sad to say, those times were 1992, and 7, maybe 8 years ago.  I worked my way from dishwasher to cook at Paisan's during college.  The building it was in  is now gone. The new location overlooks Lake Monona.  A long walk, and we did not want to drive.  So, we went to Porta Bella, Paisan's sister restaurant.  I had never ate there, but was in the office every other Friday to pick up my paycheck.  Plenty of shared items on the menu, like the Garibaldi sandwich, and Superhot Pizza.  I convinced Tom to share a Superhot with me.  I forgot how hot the pepperoni, banana pepper, and spicy cheese pizza is.
Back to the Union.  Bench in front of the former Brathaus.  No wraps in my day.

I must be Fear No Evil.
 Back to the Terrace, where Skip and Dave H. met us.  A somewhat unwieldy 10 piece ensemble was the entertainment. To be, they could not decide if they were a jazz, blues, rock, roots or world beat band.  Or maybe, that's what the kids are doing these days, combining slide guitar and soprano sax with beaded bottles and vase like wind instruments.
Tom, Steve and I ended the night at another Madison institution.  The Parthenon, for gyros.
And so ended a memorable day, most of it spent at the Memorial Union, in Madtown.

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Nice pics brother! Am glad you have documented it all and no mishaps...