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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rock Springs Run

I do not recall posting a photo of a nice, large, buck all fall and early winter. Until today.
A cool start to Sunday morning, so I did not start until 9:30.  Mid 40's, rising to 56 degrees.
Anhinga, turtles, blue herons on the log in the lagoon where little gators hang out
Pie billed grebe
Down the Wekiva to Rock Springs Run
I came around a bend, after the first S turns in the first open area, when I saw the buck in the opening photo.
And my battery died.  Luckily, the buck stayed around.
Luis comparing the buck you saw, I think we saw different ones.  There have been two bucks in this area the last few years.
Young buck, up Run. In the canopied section.
I took the above photo, looked right, and there were two deer.
Four deer before reaching the Big Buck campsite.  A good morning.  I also saw an otter in the Run.
I turned back at noon
I stopped at Big Buck for lunch
Paddling again, 12:55
I've always thought the best photo ever would be a bear inside the huge hollow cypress tree.  For now, a raccoon on the trunk.


Beautiful Rock Springs Run
 Had to myself until I has down stream of the big cypress with the raccoon
I did not see any alligators
Landed at 2:40. After putting the yak on the car, I slowly drove to the Sand Lake trail head, looking for deer. Saw none.  I have never seen more cars in the Sand Lake lot. Almost as many as in the main lots.
Deer, and other animals were well hidden
In closing, this whole "social media" thing has gone too far
When night crawlers have a Facebook page