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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sanibel Monday

Dolphin at sunset.  That works for a opening photo.
 The day began with a beach walk at sunrise.



Dam it!  Been posting photos for at least 90 minutes and they all disappeared.  Wasn't even done with the beach walk.

 I wonder if the concrete blocks pictured earlier are the base of the tower,

Everything I know about nature, I learned from kiosks.
 Up to the invention of the world wide web



 Low tide

 I know the brown bird is a ruddy turnstone.

Back to where I was before losing the last 35 photos.

Strolling back to the condo, 8:07.
Breakfast, on to Ding Darling,

 Don't recall seeing an otter here before.
Launch site No. 2
 Under way at 10:15. More to come



 No entry allowed

Into the mangroves

Out of the mangroves





 Out the short channel at a water control structure to the "chain of lakes"
I missed the photo where a bald eagle was harassing an osprey.  Reinforcements arrived, chasing the eagle away.


Landed at 12:50
The commute from 16D to 12D

 Hung out with the gang, poolside. Probably ate, drank. I am writing on Wednesday,  a lot of water under the kayak since Monday.  The Gulf looked inviting.  I went back to 12D to put a kayak in.

 On the Gulf at 4:50

Choppy at Lighthouse Point. Good place to have one.
 Used the shorter kayak. Better for getting to the shore on the boardwalk,  worse for water coming over the bow.  But, that only happened once.

I turned around
 Into the sunset

I think I saw dolphins earlier,  but it is now Thursday night, so I only have proof, and  memory of this point in the paddle.

A look back
Best location on the island.  Next to Lighthouse Park

The gang was gathering in the unit with the lights on.  My presence on the Gulf was noted by some inside




 Meanwhile, behind me, the moon rose.


Saw more dolphins before landing at 5:45

 Speaking of pretty lights....
Gathering in 5C

Walking back to 16D


Luis said...

Impressive opening!!!!

Brenda M said...

Beautiful photos, Dave! And on behalf of all of us who enjoy your travels, thanks for the considerable effort (and frustration) involved in posting these for us.