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Cedar Key Sunset

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sanibel Wednesday

I decided to catch the sunrise from the balcony Wednesday morning.
 Only to find trees blocked the view.
Had to go outside

From the boardwalk
 The moon
The breakfast.  Bagel and bratwurst omelet

 Spoonbill, ibis, blue heron, from the car.
Ibis from the kayak

Launched at the usual spot at Ding Darling.


It was a yellow crowned night heron morning


Rapids!  Out going tide through a gap in the road/dike. 





 Distant eagles



 To windy to spend much time on the big water







 Distant causeway high bridge

 Landed at 11:00.  Some one lacks common courtesy.   Parking in front of the launch. Lazy shit.
Pie billed grebes

Calusa shell mound trail

 As I walked the short trail, I thought, "used to see more shells".  I did.  A sign explained after Hurricane Charley in 2004 knocked trees down, new growth covered up most of the ancient shells.
Back in the car

Left the Refuge, and came back in.  Parked in the Visitor Center lot, and got on the trail bike to ride the Indigo Trail
 Got off the bike when I saw a new boardwalk.

 Boardwalk and Observation Tower
 Scat. What animal?  We will see.
I think I saw them all.

Educational scat boxes
 Back on the bike

Off the bike at the end of the trail to walk to the original Observation tower



Walking back to the bike. Wildlife Drive is one way.

 Back on the bike






Minnows off the boardwalk from Wildlife Drive to the parking lot

Refill your water bottles.
 The late crocodile.  Lived on the island for many years.
No alligators, or crocs in the pool.  My sister and her granddaughter.

Back to 16D and back to Ding Darling for a sunset paddle


 On the water at 4:40

The Refuge is on the wrong side of Sanibel for a good sunset view.  I was hoping for more wildlife as it came down.

 Magnificent frigate bird

Monica and Bill, headed to Las Vegas

Landed at 5:46.  Did not see flocks of roosting birds, but I was on the water. And that's a good thing.


Christmas lights at Jerry's grocery.
Moon light
Moon and Lighthouse lights.  And lights out on this Tale.


Luis said...

Need to refrain myself from looking this at the office. But it is so slow here today. Now I want to go to Sanibel Island...hmmmm

Dave said...

What's stopping you? Besides work, and family, and.....