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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fort De Soto

Began the day looking for the sunrise over Boca Ciega Bay


No public access, I had peak past businesses and homes.

 Very modest homes for waterfront, and across the street from the Gulf




Tour of the grounds 


 Some hotels have newspapers, usually, USA Today, but only during the week.  At the Sirata Beach Resort, you get the Sunday Tampa Bay Times.
I learned why traffic wasn't too bad on the 45 mile drive from Trout Creek Park to St. Pete Beach on Saturday.  It was Gasparilla.  The annual Mardi Gras like pirate invasion and parade was taking place in Tampa.  So, I missed the pre and post parade traffic.

I ate breakfast, Doritos and guac, and some pulled beef from one of those tubs you can buy at the grocery store.  Downloaded photos until checkout. Had to get the most of the $9.95 Internet fee.  Note to self.  Turn right at the first light over the Boca Ciega bridge when headed to Fort Desoto. A further delay after parking my car near the kayak rental concession at Soldier Hole.   As I unloaded, a raccoon came sniffing around.   I had seen about 5 earlier. Arm waves, hand claps, walking towards it, snapping my coat like a rat tail did not deter it. Nor did a handful of whatever was on the ground. Nor a stick between the eyes. It went away. Only to come back, and grab my cooler as I was fiddling with my camera. The little sh*t was determined, dragging the cooler into the mangroves as I punched it with my paddle. It only let go of the cooler when it got the bag with my sandwich.
 On the water at 12:06

The forecast was for warmer weather then Saturday when the high only reached 64.  It felt cooler, Sunday.







 Sunshine Skyway






 Nice landing area next to the Goog Picnic Area.
Known to most as the Arrowhead Picnic Area

Riprap from early 20th Century military buildings.










 Shell Key


Dolphin duo back near Arrowhead





 Eagle nest under construction- one just flew away






 Got rained on


 I like cool days with a little rain
Kept the rentals beached.

 Masked thief

 If not for thieving rodents, this would be a perfect put in. Landed at 4:30.  As I paddled, I heard the sound of big engines.
 Coming from big ships in the Egmont Channel
A walk on the Gulf Pier


 Egmont Key Lighthouse

A small piece of sunshine



I wanted to go to the top of the Fort, but it was closed.  Has been for some time.
 I had a little summer sausage and Ritz crackers in an empty pavilion.    Made up for the stolen sandwich




 Ruins. Fort sewage system, I reckon


Ships passing in the night
 Last photo at Fort De Soto, 6:04
Home,unloaded the cooler, claw and/or teeth marks 8:38.

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