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Thursday, February 20, 2014

KARS Park, Delta Launch

A good thing I have a weather radio.  Turned it on this morning and heard a launch hazard message.
..."Booster rockets to fall down range.... "  I did not know a launch was scheduled.  I know about a Falcon launch in mid-March, this was a Delta.  Launch window from 8:40 to 9 PM.  I headed to KARS Park after work.

A stop for gas, another stop at the Circle K at State Road 3 and Hall Road for grilled sausage, soda, and beer, and you arrive at KARS Park.  Asked the gate attendant if I need to pay him or at the store, and be told, "No fee tonight, and park over there.
 I walked out to the end of the boat basin, had my sausages and a beer.  Not the best view, as there is a mangrove screen.  So, I walked into the camping area, out on a pier.  Very nice, and no one there. But, I had time to kill so I walked to the end of the campground.
Found a  nice open spot.  Chatted with a gentlemen for a while.  Still had a lot of time to go, and was thirsty, so back to the car for some water. 
 I then made the mistake of asking for permission, not forgiveness.  People were beginning to gather in the boat basin area. No one was venturing beyond the guard house. So, I asked, "Am I out of line if I go past here?"   "Not if you have a permit"   As I am not active or retired military, or a NASA employee, or contractor, I am permit less.    So, I sat on a bench at the boat basin, near a gap in the mangroves, had another beer, and waited.
 Lift off!
8:59 on my camera


9:01, it headed for geosynchronous orbit, and I headed home.
Launch videos
As I flirted with 80 mph, I thought, I don't think this car has ever gone this fast.  Because in 5 years and almost 100,000 miles, this was the farthest I have driven with a kayak on the roof. 
In fact it was the farthest I have gone yakless in any car since October 5, 2007.  How do I know?  That was the first Yak Tale.
Vero Beach Sunset
Visting friends on a windy day when I was still using foam blocks.

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