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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mosquito Lagoon, Canaveral National Seashore

After a 7.5 hour  paddle on the west coast, Saturday, where to go Sunday?  Marine forecast called for smooth waters on the Intercoastal Waterway.  Off to the Canaveral National Seashore.  A bit more traffic then a normal Sunday on I-4.  Daytona 500 was, or should I say is, as the rain delayed race is going on tonight as I begin this Tale.

 Underway from Lot 7 at 9:08

Mosquito Lagoon is dotted with islands.  Some small oyster bars with mangroves, others with substantial oak and palm hammocks.  I explored some of the islands west of the launch and Eldora State House.

But first, a loon.

Nothing like paddling around a corner and seeing scenes like these



 A lone white pelican


Osprey and great egret


 Just one



 Sometimes when exploring, you hit a dead end




2 more dolphins. Not seen here, but I like the picture

Greater scaup?


 Loon.  Landed at noon.
Bike ride







Not a bad two mile ride.

Got the best, and one of the only seats at J.B.'s Fish Camp.  Corner stool at the outdoor bar.
 Crabulous. That's the name.  Pure crab.  No messing around with shells.
Oyster stew.  I counted 5. You can get a half dozen raw for 4.75, steamed for 4.50.  But then you don't get tasty broth full of spice and corn  $7.50.  Washed down with a rum and diet coke.  A nice stiff one.


Not a bad day.  And, I missed the worst of thunderstorms.


Joanne said...

Crabulous sandwich is my favorite! Love JB's, been going there most of my life. The old El Dora was the best, though....

Dave said...

El Dora? Guess it was before my time. Never heard of it.