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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cedar Key

Bald eagle and crows, Snake Key

 I just can't stay away. On the water at 7:20
Before sunrise.

Which was almost canceled.

 Astena Otie Key eagle



I did not see eagles at the nest where I saw 3, 11 days ago. I assume the eagle I saw is one of the residents.

 Same eagle, different perch


 The is an airshow in Tampa today. I thought about going. This looks like it has an AWACS type radar. One of two.  Headed north, Tampa is south.
Snake Key

 Another bald eagle
Taking flight.  After it did, two more joined it.

I have not visited Snake Key very often.  Don't recall paddling through this channel through the Key. Nice respite from the wind. 

 Lots of tri colored herons in the man made cut. That's an assumption. Too straight to be natural


Exiting the cut




 Sponge. Need more than one to sop up the Gulf


 Took an hour to paddle from Snake Key to Astena Otie Key. Only photo, Grassy Key, above.  It was very windy.  Whitecaps. Waves coming broadside.  So, I paddle into them, which made for a longer voyage.





Landed just after 11.
 I made the decision to visit Cedar Key late Friday. Did not have a reservation, and this is the busy time of year. Darn snowbirds.  My usual spot, Park Place had the "NO" tag above Vacancy.  I crossed the street anyway to ask if there were any cancellations.  None.  So, I sat down at a picnic table, got on the Park Place wifi, and looked up lodging.  Called 2 places, Pirates Cove and Faraway Inn.  Both booked.  Rooms were available at Mermaid's Landing.  One was ready.  0.7 miles away
No stove top.  WIFI


 Tide dependent waterfront


 Back to City Park to kayak. The parking lot for the Park was full. I parked at the boat ramp. Only allowed after 11 if you don't have a trailer.  The car below gets around.
TN dealer, WI plates, Cedar Key sticker
 Back on the water at 2
Sandbar at the Number 2 Channel entrance

Brown pelicans at Old Fenimore Mill



 Into the cove where Mermaid's Landing is.  Only waterfront cottage of the 9. Others have water views.


Back in the Channel


If you see pelicans as often as I do, you will see a funny beak stretch that they do. Head back, beak straight up, twirl a couple times.  Someday, I'll get a photo.

 Laughing gulls
 Distant white pelicans.  Water seemed deep enough to try a closer view

 The cormorant is dwarfed by the huge pelicans

Another bald eagle
 This pelican had been by itself.  Flying to the flock.
 Two more breaking away.
Call them, Crimea.

Hit bottom a couple times, backed off, found deeper water.  One way to find deeper water is to look for crab trap floats. If you don't see the trap, the water is a couple feet deep.






Entering at the Mermaids Landing cove
 I will ask for the cottage below, next time. Only one directly on the water. Or, mud and oyster beds, at low tide.


Just the prow of the wreck visible at low tide. Time to explore
 Buffle heads.  No spoonbills

 Back in the Number 2 Channel
At the little cove at old Fenimore Mill.  A short paddle through the mangroves led me to this screen house
 Not sure if it is part of OFM, or Nature's Landing, or a single home between the 2 condo complexes




Landed at 6. As I carried my kayak across the beach, Jed, the young man at the rental concession said, "This guy is here more than anyone I know!"   "Two times today"
 As this was a spur of the moment trip, I had tossed some Italian sausage and potato salad in the cooler.  But, since my cottage only had a microwave, I had to eat out.  So, a walk down Dock Street to the Pickled Pelican.  Which is closed on Sundays and Mondays, my usual dining out days.
 The sign said sit anywhere, so I did.  And waited.  I saw two waitresses.  One, very busy.  Handling several tables on the outside deck and two large parties inside.  She walked past me several times.  No greeting.  I know she was busy, but one of those passes, you can't say "Hi, I'll be right with you", or grab a menu, and let me look at it.   The second waitress, I saw one time, out and back from the deck, followed by a young girl, her daughter, I guess.
The Pickled Pelican lost a customer.  Big Deck Raw Bar, below, gained one

 Greeted as I walked in, service fast and friendly.
 A little to fast as my server brought out the Cuban and clam chowder at the same time.  I had her bring the soup back.
 This has happened to me before.  I thought serving 101 was bring the apps and soup, first. Both were good. Washed down with a milk stout. That would be the dark beverage to the right of the Cuban.
 Walking to the car, 7:20.   I told Jed I'd be going out for a third time, but the cloudy skies, and a little buzz changed my mind.
Mermaid's Landing, 7:33


Across the street to the marina for a look at the cloudy sunset

Back to the cottage to see the Badgers comeback against Oregon to move on to the Sweet 16

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