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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

See the red on the left side of the bridge?   A man's work shirt, with first name on the front.  He was walking back and forth, like he was inspecting the bridge.  This was a covered bridge, until a trailer hit it and knocked it down.  I asked the gentleman if it was going to be replaced. "Yes"  When? "I don't know"  I mentioned how the guy who hit it used to live in the area. "He done booked after that".  As I had jazz cats as room mates in college, I understood.
 Underway from Fort Maitland Park at 8:30.  Workers building the new police boat dock.

Entering Lake Nina
Under Horatio Ave.
 Entering Lake Minnehaha






Red, and gold, winged blackbird




 Back to Lake Maitland. Which was choppy from wind, so I headed in.

Landed at 10:25.  The dock on the left will be for City of Maitland Police boat.  An officer stopped by.  The workers said, "The big screen will be over here...." 
I asked about the ramp, which is made up of one foot by one foot blocks, with gaps in between.  Seems like a foot could easily get stuck.  It will stay that way.  "They say it will fill in"  I suppose so, as they settle in, an sand from the bottom fills in the gaps.  But, it seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.  One guy said, "If you can't walk, you shouldn't be boating"  The conversation then turned to the misadventures of boaters backing trailers down the ramp.  Or, trying to.
Not a problem with a kayak.

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