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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Turkey Creek

I had not been to Turkey Creek since 2009.  Brother Pat was winding down a business trip with a visit to his sister-in-law in Melbourne. Turkey Creek is in nearby Palm Bay.  We made arrangements to met at 11:30.
 I was on the water, launching from Goode Park, at 9:40.  Still no launch fee.  A good thing, as I was halfway there when I realized I forgot my wallet
U.S. 1 Bridge
 Tri colored heron
 Palm Bay

 Indian River.  To choppy. I turned back. 
Hoping to see a dolphin in the River or Bay.  Get started on the Florida Trifecta.  Turkey Creek is a good place for it.  Dolphin, manatee, and alligator.

 Old buildings on the Bay

2-for-1. Great egret and tri colored heron

 Railroad bridge
Turkey Creek
 On the way back, I stopped at Ais Trail Park.  In the past, the shoreline vegetation grew up to the deck on both sides.  I had always assumed it was private property

 Ais Trail Park

 Landed at 11:20.  Had to wait for two motor boats to launch.  Just a one lane concrete ramp.  No dirt side areas.  A dock, but I don't like getting out on docks unless I have too.  I had not launched or landed at Goode Park for a year or two prior to 2009.  There is a launch spot up River. No motor boats as it is carry in.  To far to carry two kayaks.  Goode Park was easier for my brother to find.
He did, and we were on the water just before noon.
 The first part of Turkey Creek, paddling up stream is rather dull. Once past the Port Malabar Blvd bridge, into the Turkey Creek Sanctuary, it gets interesting.



Melbourne-Tillman Canal spillway.  I do not recall seeing so much water coming over it.  But, it has been 5 years since I was last here.
Stopped at the Turkey Creek Sanctuary


Soft shell turtle from the boardwalk

Back on the Creek




Pat dared me to paddle under the catamaran. I declined



We landed at 2:55.  Pat had a 6:45 flight out of Orlando.  Time enough for a stop at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp

I had not been to this iconic institution since June, 2007. Pre Dave's Yak Tales.  Like today, on the way home from Turkey Creek.

We both had the catfish, gator, frog legs combo.  $13.99.  I had it in August 2005 on the way back from the San Sebastian River. $11.95 back then
 Shared a shrimp app.  Pat's treat. I had no money as you recall.  He said it was a bargain in exchange for the kayak tour.
There was an historic event in the mid 1990's.  My Mom took an air boat tour.  Still remembers the noise.

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