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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lakes Virginia and Mizell

After the tri-annual haircut, I put the kayak in at Dinky Dock on Lake Virginia in Winter Park this morning.
 Underway, all my ducks in a row, at 9:13

Knowles Memorial Chapel,  Rollins College



 The anhinga and great blue heron nests are empty. They grow up so fast



Time to reflect




Genius Canal to Lake Mizell
 Same mallards that greeted me at Lake Virginia












 Headless heron
  A real head scratcher for this anhinga


 Never really noticed the Orange County Courthouse before.  If I were not a failure, I would be spending time there.

Landed at 10:33. Heard, but did not see any peacocks.  Other than on the shirt I was wearing. 

When I first ran this race, it was on the dirt roads of the Genius estate on Lake Mizell.  It became the Memorial race after her death and the estate sold off, paved and subdivided into just another ritzy lake front community.

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