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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Juniper Creek

Out the door at work at 4:25, on the water at, 6:20.  Would have been sooner, but the shuttle van and trailer from the Juniper Springs Recreation Area was blocking the drive.  If he had pulled up another few feet and pulled over he could have let the first vehicle behind him, and me, pass.  A more pleasant delay speaking to the folks in the car.  All wearing "Candy's Law" T-shirts.  I asked them what it was about.  Proposed legislation in Texas to train law enforcement how to better handle dogs.  Instead of shooting first.  Candy was a "cattle dog"
 Out the launch chute, turned around to head up Creek
 Red shouldered hawk.  This will be the only wildlife photo in this Tale.
Juniper Creek, juniper tree. (I think)
 Friday is moving day at the Sweetwater Springs Cabin.  I thought it may be possible that the week's lottery winners had not arrived.  Not hearing any voices, I paddled in.
Nobody home

 Back to Juniper Creek
Where I did not take many photos as did not want to lose momentum against the current.  Saw two alligators, and a woodpecker.  Plus, in the Creek, fish and turtles.
 "Not many" = 2. Turned back at 7:16
 There is a section where the Creek splits in two.  Both channels have downed trees like the one above.  I explored the right side on the way up. Just one tree down, but low.  I cold have ducked under, but was concerned on the way back about the current turning me sideways and tipping. So, I backed up and went up the other side.  Two tree bridges, but higher overhead.




High bank

 Old bridge pilings

 Paddled past the landing at 8:07.  Need to see some wildlife.  I did see one of the alligators I saw on the way up stream.
 I circled a  little island just down Run from the bridge. Saw a great blue heron.

Landed at 8:20
 Sunset over Juniper Prairie, 8:24.
Arrived at the Mill Dam Lake Resort, 8:51. Cabin 201. On the other side of the fence are the permanent residences.  Appropriate I am close, as I can purchase a trailer in 4 months.


Joanne said...

Are you going to buy a trailer there? What a great location for you, so close to some of your favorite places.

Dave said...

I'd have to sell the house. Could not afford both. The trailers are cheap 10-12 K. Lot rent and utilities under $300 a month. The commute would be the bad thing.