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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cedar Key

Arrived at the Number 4 Bridge on the outskirts of the City of Cedar Key, just before 7 PM.  The road arrival.  The above photo was taken later.

On the water at 7:03
There is a small island just off the ramp and fishing pier.  There are many small islands, the closest one usually has roosting birds.


Great egrets were the most abundant tonight.  Or, they just stand out more than the cormorants
 Speaking of standing out, roseate spoonbills

 It was near high tide, which explains why the birds were roosting, not wading.
Away from the island.


Thick cloud cover.  Wondered if I would get any decent sunset shots.


Saw another spoonbill. Along with blue and tri colored herons.  They flew away.




Sunset turned out to be pretty darn good.



 The last time I paddled at the Number 4 Bridge, anglers on the pier told me to look out for an alligator.  I did not see one.  Thought it might have been locals having fun with a tourist. But tonight, there it was.  Too far and fading light, so the picture did not turn out. But it was cool to see it.

Gotta get a night heron photo on a night time paddle.  Yellow crowned, on the rookery key.

Landed at 8:25. Staying in my favorite room, 331, at Park Place, until Sunday.

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