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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lakes Maitland, Nina and Minnehaha

Usual Wednesday morning paddle.
Under way at 8:52 from Fort Maitland Park.  Like Fort Christmas, which I visited on Sunday, Fort Maitland was a Second Seminole War fort.

The osprey nest that has been high in a cypress tree on the point where Lake Maitland gets wide for years is gone.  I wonder if the branches above are part of it.  We did have some wind last week, but I did not think it was that strong.



Maturing wood ducks on Lake Nina
 Green herons on opposites sides of the Lake.  Its small.






Every time I see this boat, I think of the Minocqua Bats Water Ski Show.  "Twin Hydrodynes!" The announcer would shout.



Back to Lake Maitland



 Osprey nest debris? Nah, looks like raked up seaweed
 It was in this tree

Landed at 10:45.  I hope to greet you Friday night from Blue Lake, near Minocqua Wisconsin.

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