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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, August 8, 2014

Myakka River State Park

Pigs on the Park Road, 7:13 PM. Not bad considering I got up out of my desk at work at 4:26, drove over 150 miles, stopped at the Ranger Station for key and window tag, stopped at Cabin 2, put the coolers in the fridge, put on swim suit, and drove to Upper Myaaka Lake.

On the water, launching from the boat ramp at the end of the canal at the Myakka Outpost, at 7:27

Alligator just around the corner.



02 03

Great blue heron on the edge of the dam

Which is mostly under water.


Snowy egret on the other end of the dam. Enough depth in between to paddle over. I did not go far at all down River, turned back.

Not to see alligators, which are a dime a dozen on the Myakka, but deer. I had seen several on a sunset paddle in early July

Did not see any today. Less room for them near the shore as the Lake is high.

Turn around photo, 8:55


Ibis, flying west



Great blue heron



Only other boat on the Lake.




Ceazane, Monet et al were fortunate to have lived before the days of digital photography.

Landed at 8:25

Posted the first few pics from the balcony of the closed concession building.  Finished the Tale, Sunday, at the Shell Island Beach Club, Sanibel.

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A3 said...

Amazing colours Dave. Awesome!