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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blue Spring State Park, Snake Creek Loop

On, correction, in the water at 8:35.
 Blue Spring

 Blue Spring Run

Gar and tilapia.  Just saw one "normal" fish.  A bluegill.

There are 2 parking areas at Blue Spring State Park.  One near the swim area, the other near the kayak launch.  Not a bad walk from the later to the swim area, but I wanted to get in the water before the scuba divers geared up.   So I drove from the swim lot to the yak lot after snorkeling.
 Saw turkeys.

And got the 2nd best parking space.
On the water at 9:30.  Plan was to turn left, and paddle south, up the St. Johns, to Snake Creek.  Bald eagles are often in the tall pines across from the launch site.  None today.  They also like the trees on the east bank, just past Blue Springs Run.
Which is where this one was.

 Back to the original paddling plan
 Snake Creek

Still having issues with the lens.  Have to take a picture, above, then zoom in the great blue heron, below
At least I can turn it off without removing the battery.  An improvement from Saturday

 Red maples are beginning to live up to their name



 Through the duck weed







Took a short break near here

Approaching the Hontoon Dead River



Zoom not working on the hawk
 Snowy egret working on a catch


Tried the first canal
 Back to the River


Canal Number 2

 The dark spot in the water is a gator

Blocked again

Back on the River


 The dead cypress marks the way to the third, and last, canal linking the Hontoon Dead and St. Johns River.

Father and two sons were in a boat, fishing. First boat I saw since I entered Snake Creek
 I think the M stands for moron.  Plenty of tress for the birds, dumbass.

Don't take my word that these don't belong here.  From the biologist at Blue Springs State Park. Courtesy of Joanne B.
"Red 80 is part of Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park and the Middle St. Johns Aquatic Preserve (DEP CAMA).

Birdhouses and other artificial objects are not permitted without prior approval from the park and CAMA. Due to the abundance of natural habitat, artificial habitat is not necessary.

Birdhouses and other artificial objects, which are deemed detrimental to the river and its associated wildlife, will be removed by state and county government."

Some find them whimsical, but manmade stuff that ends up being detrimental to wildlife doesn't belong there. Leave No Trace."
Next visit, I'm seeing if I can take a few down and sell them on craigslist.
 Near the St Johns end of the canal, I heard something on the bank.  Two somethings, deer.
The sign says Slow Speed Minimum Wake.  More morons.

The deer were hard to see behind, and below, the canal bank.

 So, I went into the trees,  made possible by high water on the St. Johns side for a better look.
See it?

There she is.
 And there she goes.

I had been going the "wrong" way.  Away from Blue Spring to follow the deer.  Back on course.

 Paddled around the island down River from Blue Spring before landing.

 Landed at 2

Walk on the boardwalk along Blue Springs Run


 Rain fell.  I thought I would ride it out on the porch of the Thursby House.  The rain stopped by the time I got there.   The front door was open



The house is built on top of a shell mound

 Figured my friend mentioned earlier would be interested in the spider talk.  She was.  I did not stay
 Last pics from the dock.
Not a bad weekend. Sunset, biolum, manatees and dolphins, Friday.  Beautiful bucks and a few alligators, Saturday.  Bald eagle, alligators, deer and a spring snorkel, Sunday.   No bears. I did hear a hurting one on the way home.  Doug Plank, doing commentary on the national broadcast of the Packers-Bears game.