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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lakes Maitland and Osceola

A change in the usual Wednesday morning paddle.
 On Lake Maitland from Fort Maitland Park at 8:38.


Set course to Dog Island

 Out to the cypress trees marking the border of Maitland and Winter Park

 Cormorants. Its funny, but I rarely see them on the Maitland side of Lake Maitland
 Kraft Azalea Gardens


Venetian Canal





Lake Osceola

I should send these pictures to the cityofwinterpark.org/departments/public-works/lakes/
 Rich bastards lawn service blowing lawn clippings into the Lake
 Back in the canal






Isle of Sicily bridge



Howell Branch




Lawn tractor does not faze this blue heron









Landed at 10:35

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