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Cedar Key Sunset

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cedar Key Sunday, October 19

For sunrise paddles at Cedar Key, I usually drive the short distance to City Park as time can be of the essence.  But, as it is Sea Food Festival Weekend in Cedar Key, and parking is at a premium, I carted the yak to the Gulf.  Can't have someone coming back from church with a guest and snagging my parking spot.
 On the Gulf at  7:28

 Sunrise 7:34













 Black skimmers
Landed at 8:30
Had my leftover steak and potatoes as the vendors set up

Back on the water at 10:50
 Found the spoonbills.  Not that they have very good camouflage



Some video


















Flight deck




 Landed at 1:38.  To the room, watched the Packer game, and though about what I would have for lunch.  A plate of clams and a bowl of clam chowder.
I came back with a bbq sandwich and shrimp fried rice.  At 2:30 the Seafood Festival was out of seafood. To make things worse,  Fox went to a "more competitive game"  Thank goodness for WTMJ on the internet.
Back on the water for the third time Sunday, at 4.
From Dock Street, "Hey!"   "Yes"  "I dropped my Art Festival painting, can you pick it up"
I paddled under a dock and got it.  "Hope its not a watercolor.  What's it worth to you?"  "What is it worth?"  I returned it anyway.  Lifted on my paddle to her male companion.


2016 Paddling.net Calendar photo?  The Dave's Yak Tales cover shot will be Miss November on the 2015 calendar.


Bridge to the airport

The Cedar Keys


Seafood festival!
 Eagle nest


Cedar Key airport



Paddled way to the south end of Way Key






 At the north end of Way Key.  Number 2 Channel






And now...






Landed at 7:10.  A shame it is fall and the days are getting shorter.  11 hrs 42 mins from when I started with the sunrise.

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