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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rock Springs Run

 Launched from Wekiwa Springs State Park at 8:35.

Down the Wekiva River





Up Rock Springs Run






Turn around point, 10:34.
 Refers to the distance from Kings Landing, up Rock Springs Run

Speaking of Kings Landing, a lot of people were already on the water. "A lot" is 10 as I went up Run. Plus campers at Otter Camp and Big Buck. Large group of youngsters at Big Buck.
I timed my return paddle to be well behind the other paddlers.  But, that meant people coming down Run caught up to me.  One country music blaring asshole who I heard for a long time.  I stopped for him to pass.  Could not help to say, "You know, the sounds of nature are wonderful"  "I'll listen to what I want to, you listen what you want to"   I did not say what I thought.  Which was, even if I liked what you are listening to, there is a time and place for everything, and this is neither.

I missed this great blue heron in drying pose.  I had stopped to let another paddler pass.  A woman in the same kind of kayak as country boy.  She was quiet.  I looked back, an saw the heron.

Otter Camp.  Farther back, country boy and the woman in the same kayak had stopped at Indian Mound Camp.  The noise has stopped.  I can only assume she shut him up.






Landed at 12:30.
Drove to Sand Lake then went for a walk

 A short one. Just to the Camp Cozy horse campsite

25 minutes.  Vertigo still has my head a little foggy and legs a wee bit unsteady.  Good thing kayaking is a sit down activity.  More important, I had Dolphins to see.
Wildflowers from the road. If there were any deer, they faked me like Aaron Rodgers did to the Miami defense.

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