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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blue Spring, Snake Creek

A Sunday visit to Blue Springs State Park.
 Taking pictures of a bald eagle across the St. Johns River as I got into the kayak.

 It was 9:20 as I paddled over to the eagle, and then up the St. Johns.




 Into Snake Creek
 Black crowned night heron

Black crowned herons can be had to photograph. They tend to fly away.

 This heron, it was just one, flew away, only to repose



The Packer flag brought victory in the Divisional Playoffs.  So, I had to fly it before the NFC Championship game.





At the Hontoon Dead River. Normally, I would turn south, paddle to the canals linking the HDR to the St. Johns.  But, it was extremely windy.  So I went back to the protected waters of Snake Creek and paddle back the way I came













 Manatees at the mouth of Blue Springs Run

 Landed just before 1:00
 Put the kayak on the car, then took a walk on the boardwalk along Blue Springs Run





Left at 2.  Home in time for kickoff.   As I write this 13 days later, I will be in no hurry to get home in time for kickoff tomorrow.

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