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Cedar Key Sunset

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fort De Soto

 Trying to catch the sun rise from the room.

 Sunday morning beach walk

 Walked south





DoubleTree. No microwave in the room. No free breakfast.  I had cold chicken and potato salad for dinner on Saturday. More potato salad for breakfast today.
 Ordered a sub on line from Publix.  Checked out, picked it up, on the way to Fort Desoto.
 On the water at Soldiers Hole at 12:05

Snoozing pelican
Juvenile yellow crowned night herons


A wide variety amount of birds in the mangroves and on the water

Great blue heron
Tri colored heron
Yellow crowned night heron


Young blue heron



 White pelicans across the channel
 I paddled across, to Shell Key, for a closer look.

Spear fishing


 Don Cesar reflection



This may have been the most white pelicans I have ever seen.  Large flocks on both ends of Shell Key

 I was thinking of paddling around Shell Key, but would have had to portage at the north end




 Sunshine Skyway

Shell Key angler
 Lunch stop, back on Mullet Key.  My Publix sub was delicious.  As I write 12 days later I recall it was turkey, swiss, spinach, tomato, spicy mustard, garlic pickles, and bacon.







 Did not land here

Landed here. 5:30.  The cone was dry when I launched.  Tide. To the Gulf Pier for sunset



 Egmont Key Lighthouse
 Guiding freighters in the channel
 The clouds and water vapor made it look like the Gulf was on fire




 Wish they were kayaking.
 Leaving Fort DeSoto
 Had to stop.  Lowest I have seen.  Two weeks later, I'm paying $2.09.

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