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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run

Had to get an early start as kickoff for the playoffs was at 1:00. 

 Not early enough. There was a line at the launch site at Wekiwa Springs State Park.

On the water at 8:30


If more birds would defecate on this tree, maybe people would not ignore the no climbing sign, as they destroy the airplants and endanger paddlers below when they jump off.

Red bellied (I think) woodpecker.   Just before the mouth of Rock Springs Run




 There were two does.  That often means a buck is nearby.


 I do not recall seeing oranges on Rock Springs Run.  Maybe the deer eat the before I see them

 Turn around point. 10:26


 The Packer flag came down in an attempt to photo an otter.  Disappearing around the bend



Black crowned night heron


 There is a fish in the anhinga's gullet

Landed at 12:10. No hiking, biking, or snorkeling today.   I miss a regular season game to be outdoors, but not the playoffs.  The flag brought good karma against the Cowboys.

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