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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cedar Key

At least the ground level view had a canoe
 On the other hand, on the second or third floors of Park Place, I can't just step off the balcony
 Sunrise, 7:17


How I know where I am





Always a beautiful sight.
 A walk past some classic Gulf front cottages

Cottages of Cedar Key

 My great aunt Mae had a cottage.  On Lac La Belle.  Near Oconomowoc, WI.

 Lots of robins






 Decided to take photos of places to sit.



 One seat for sale




 Checkout. Nice calendar
Should have two Rs

On the water at 11:27

Atsena Otie

 Snake Key
 Headed to Seahorse Key

Arrival at Seahorse


 As these pictures were taken 13 days ago, my memory is fading.  I think I just stopped to pee.



 This must have been my sandwich stop


Bald eagle look like it is tending its chicks

Just missed a spoonbill




 Landed at 6:24

 Stopped at Robinson's Seafood on the way out of town for the all you can eat special
 Robinson's also has a retail market and a guide service
 Advertising on the table. 
 I had one serving of scampi, 2 of sea bass, 3 of fried shrimp


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