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Cedar Key Sunset

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good-By Key West

Last day of the Monica and Bill wedding weekend
 My last Cedar Key Tale, I noted, and shared, peace sign pictures around town. This is on the door to Camila and Evan's courtyard.  Doubly appropriate as Cedar Key was one of the stops on Monica and Bill's Florida Mainland Honeymoon Tour.

Phineas asked if I could stay.  "Uncle Dave has to work in Orlando" said Camila.  Phineas looked at me. "You live in Sanibel"   Love the 4 year old mind.  Where he saw me last. For a week in December.
 In the water at Geiger Key.  Launch site next to the Geiger Key Marina and Campground.  On previous Geiger Key paddles, with Monica, we put in at her friend's, Simi and Simon




 Jet from Boca Chica Naval Air Station.  The neighboring key.
 Blue winged teal


Boca Chica Key
 Peaceful, tide assited, glide through the mangroves

 I have never been so close to military jets taking off. They rattle the rib cage. This video does not
do it justice


I am beginning to notice the black boat ramps like Evan's.  Simpler than a lift.


Saw and heard more jets than I have since my first  visit to the Keys, 1979.  I recall jets doing touch and go landings and takeoffs near Big Coppitt
 Geiger Key tiki bar

Landed at 1:15

 For years, I have said I want to have conch chowder, and a Cuban sandwich. At the same meal. 

Today was the day. Now my goal is to have conch chowder and a Cuban at a place that makes good Cuban sandwiches.  Neither Cuban this weekend, I had one at Fort Zach, earlier, was anything close to one from Five Brothers,  or the place next to the laundromat.  Heck, Publix Cubans are better.
 The view.... well, that made the meal


 A nice young lady took my picture

Headed home.  I'm sure the drive was long, full of bad drivers.  But, it was a month ago, so I forgot.

Car companies pay thousands of dollars to stage photos like this.  Not bad for a drive by.


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