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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, March 23, 2015

Key West and Snake Channel

 7:30 AM
 Two hours later, bike ride


 Nephew Derek was coming off the beach as I pedaled by.

 Another Evan  former workplace

 Needle fish

Now, that's a bike lock

 A traditional bagel brunch at Arlo and Ashley's.  I like bagels better with pork than with lox.  Found out there was not one, not two, but three whole pigs at the reception.  I did not take any photos. Guess the camera only works in sight of water.
 Like at Fort Zach


 San Diego Aaron, Megan, Jackie

Jackie, Becky (Mrs. San Diego Aaron) Olivia, Key West Aaron, and Phineas
 All the family stuff, I was not in the kayak until 5:10.  Snake Channel ramp at the north end of Big Coppitt Key

Spotted a dolphin

Yellow crowned night herons

 Landed at 6:08

Info at the ramp. Other signs, "No Parking". So you have to unload, drive across U.S. 1, park on the shoulder, run across the highway, and repeat upon return.  Makes no sense.
 What makes sense is dinner at Mangia Mangia.  Varied establishments were discussed. None better than where my niece, Elena, works.  But not tonight.
 Whatever I had, it was wonderful.  Even better, as Mom treated.  Got me off the hook, as I was going to buy Evan and Camila, below, dinner.  A  thank you for letting me stay at their home.  Evan was clean shaven for his Mom's wedding.  First time since his own.
 My Invisible Man setting was not working as Pat, Derek, Megan, Andy, Pete, Jackie, and I watched the end of the Badger-Oregon game at the Green Parrot

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