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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Name Key and Key West


Crossing the Seven Mile Bridge, 11 AM

Deer on No Name Key
Launched from the end of Watson Road at 12:35. Would have been a little earlier, I took the wrong road of the 2 main drags on Big Pine Key

Great white heron
The white legs are the marker that makes it different from great egrets, which have dark legs.


Bahia Honda bridge.  The old, Flagler Railroad, span.

 Big Pine Channel Bridge.  Again, an old railroad span.  The modern highway bridges are not as attractive.


 How Keys are made




 Big Pine-No Name Key Bridge
 Not part of U.S 1, the Overseas Highway.   A ferry was used to get to No Name Key before the bridge was built.

 A few, off the grid, homes.
 Above owner is a jerk. Cut away the mangroves
This is how it should be. If you want a view, get a kayak. Enjoy, don't destroy.

Just noticed the reflecting clouds

 Bahia Honda Bridge.  Getting back to where I started

Finally, a Key deer

 Landed at 3:08
More cars than I have ever seen at the end of the road.
 But, they all were from Wisconsin, so that's ok.

Osprey still acting as a traffic cop.  Work is being done on the bridge. One lane of travel.  The traffic light is temporary.

 My nephews' boat.
 I was staying at Evan and Camila's home.  Could not stay at my sister Monica's as usual.  She was getting married.
New boat landing.  A few weeks later, Evan got a new boat.
Not the Hindu.  It is my new brother in law, Bill's boat.  He bought it from the bank a few years ago and worked hard to restore it.  Now, his son, Josh is the captain for twice a day tours.
 No tour this day,
 Unless you were part of the family. Or, a friend
 Mother of the bride with two of her grandsons.  Arlo and Aaron. That would be Keys Aaron, not San Diego Aaron

 A motley crew prepares to raise the sails.  Nieces, Abby, Anna and Becky.  As brother Pete peaks and nephew Aidan checks over the side



 Olivia can't resist a silly face.  I see why my niece, Elena, picked the first one for a profile pic. She and my Mom always look good.
 Brother Chris, nephew Evan, Aunt Carol
 Camila's Dad, John, with grandson, Cannon

 Uncle Aaron was below
 Cousin Katie, Bill's friend, ???  One of my four new nephews, Noah, with his daughter, Candence.
 The man of the weekend.  Brother in law to be, Bill.  Brother Pete, sister in law, Jackie, Monica's friend, Valerie




 Able Seaman, L'il John.

Sister Clare, Aunt Carol, San Diego Aaron, Anne.
 Arlo, Ashley, Noah, Josh, Bill, Camila, Anne, and more.

 Brother Andy and Mom

Nephew Aidan
 Mike Bennett, niece Megan

 Brother in law Larry, niece Abby, sister in law Anne
 Brother Pete. A sailor.

We all made the short walk to Bill's house for food and drinks. A fine start to the weekend.


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