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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wekiva River and Blackwater Creek

A long six days since I was last on the water, at Cedar Key.  Had to work Saturday morning to make up for playing on Monday.
 Launched from Katie's Landing on the Wekiva River at 12:38
Not sure what the carcass is.  In the shallow area, across from Katie's.   Near the wood duck house. 

 Blue heron


Great blue heron

Belted kingfisher
Looks like it was raining
Approaching Blackwater Creek
 Wood stork



Turned around at the gator

I did not take a break.  Just took this picture to show how high the sometimes pond is behind the usual break spot

Back to the Wekiva

Tough to get clear photos in the rain

Until I wipe the lens off.

Wekiva Haven  A closed fish camp.  First place I landed my kayak on the Lower Wekiva River. After a car-bike shuttle from Wekiva.   At a time when Katie's Landing was under transition and I had not noticed it biking past it a couple times.



Landed at 5:18
Turkeys to end the day.

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