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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mead Botanical Garden

Check engine light came on. On the way to work, Monday, May 4.  So I left early.  Dealer said they were closing in 30 minutes, come back tomorrow.  I left, with the intention of going elsewhere.  The light turned off and has stayed off.  Going back to work was not appealing.  I went to Mead Garden in Winter Park. The Bartram Trail sign is new since my last visit.  10 year ago
As is the above amphitheater
The venue I remember
Wood ducks


Restoration work

 A garden needs pollinators.  Viceroys  Not monarchs.  The thick back vein is the key.

Rain barrel


I think the pink bird is fake


10 years ago, when I was self employed, I used to stop here during mid week bike rides.
 The boardwalk was not in good shape then.  Worse now.






A very pleasant 90 minutes.  It is now June 7. No issues with the car.

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