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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Silver River, Juniper Creek

Yes, this is the same view as a Silver River post from a month ago.  Worthy of the opening photo again.
 Staying at the Mill Dam Lake Resort meant I could leave my "cabin" at 6:32 AM
And been on the canal from Rays Wayside, leading to the Silver River, at 7.

 Beginning up the up River paddle

 Prothonotary warbler.   Summer time visitor to woody, swampy, landscapes.

 Yellow crowned night heron

 Wood ducks


 Moor hen chicks
More, moor, Mom

 Baby wood ducks


 State Park landing. I did not.









Divers said they were cleaning the glass bottom boats.  In the meantime, they got to dive in the main spring


Nesting and new, anhingas.










Confluence with the Ocklawaha River


Back at the confluence
 Note the contrast between the rain and runoff fed Oklawha and spring fed Silver



Landed at 1:15. No monkeys.
Stopped at Winn Dixie (no Publix in the Forest) with the intent of buying a cheap steak to grill.  Out front, ribs were being barbqued.  I had a taste.  Went inside.  Stood at the steak display.  Smoky pork flavor in my mouth.  Why cook?  I got the ribs. $10 for a cooked slab.  And wings and cole slaw.
Stayed inside during the mid day heat, then headed to the Juniper Wayside

 Paddling up Juniper Creek at 6:45




Little Sweetwater Spring






Landed at 8:20


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