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Cedar Key Sunset

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wacasassa and Wekiva Rivers

Sunrise from the balcony

Which is why this time of year I usually go outside.  But, I tried to go back to sleep  That failed, so, I began the last day walk at 8 AM

 Already 80 degrees


Decided to take photos of doors

And other openings







Assorted knickknacks attached to the storefront below 



Roseate spoonbills in the Number 2 Channel

 Back in 336.  Breakfast, pack check out.  Rough on the Gulf, so I headed to the Wacasassa River
Underway just before noon.

 Paddled up River
 Yellow crowned night heron
 Confluence. Wacasassa, left, Wekiva, right.  Went right.   Repeat of the opening photo





Barred owl


 Turned back around 1:10

 Cedar Key has the Honeymoon Cottage
I call this, the Bachelor Pad



 Pileated woodpecker


 The Yak Dave Mobile waiting at the Levy County Wacasassa River Park

 Landed at 2:25
The Lifejacket Zone signs must be a Levy County, and not just a Cedar Key thing.  See the prior Tale for a photo of one at the outer Cedar Key boat ramp.

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