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Cedar Key Sunset

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cedar Key

At the Scale Key Channel
 Peaking at the sunrise from the balcony of Unit 331, Park Place. 6:35 AM

 Starting the last day walk at 7:43




Cedar Key is a small town, but I still find views I have not noticed before.
Like this deck the Dockside Motel




Wonder if there is a Vacation Bible Horse Camp. Go up 4 pics to see where this thought came from.


Back at the room at 8:10. Shower, breakfast, pack, make an entry in the room log book, make entries in Dave's Yak Tales, check out

 11:14 on the water.

I was in the channel northeast of the Number 2 Channel.  At Scale Key


 In the Number 2 Channel

 Tide high enough to safely pass over the oyster bars to look for spoonbills



 Landed at 1:50.
 On the road at 2:25.  To work.  Boo!.. Would be back in Cedar Key soon Yea!

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Luis said...

That is a very impressive opening.