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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rock Springs Run, May 17, 2015

A Yak Tale I failed to post a place holder pic for, so it is out of order.
On the Wekiva River from Wekiwa Springs State Park at 9:30. After a late Saturday at the Mt Dora Blues and Grove Festival

Green heron on the Wekiva
Limpkin on Rock Springs Run



 Turn around, 11:30
 For down Run people from King's Landing


 Fancy new benches at Indian Mound. Or was it Otter?





Landed at 1:25

This view means I stopped for lunch half way up the hill.
 This one means I drove to Sand Lake.

 Went for a stroll



Ryan Huff said...

Howdy Dave,

I love your blog. I've been using it to get ideas for paddle destinations in Central FL. I recently purchased my first SUP and I'm eager to go out exploring.

Quick question for you: how long you reckon it would take to paddle from Wekiwa Springs to Kelly Park? I've paddled that direction a few times by kayak and SUP but I've always had other paddlers with me keeping the pace more leisurely. This weekend I'm planning on paddling solo to the Big Buck campsite but I'm curious to know how difficult/feasible it would be to make a round trip all the way to Kelly Park and back to Wekiwa Springs. Thanks!

Dave said...

Thank you Ryan. My last time all the up took 4 hour hours 45 minutes. See the June 6, 2015 Tale. Same time to return, with a sandwich stop.

Ryan Huff said...

Ah, I should have looked more closely! I looked at a few older posts but could never quite make heads or tails of just how long the trip might take. That post was exactly what I needed!