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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rock Springs Run

Box turtle at the top of the hill. 7:04 AM.  Took me a while to get down.  I have a new cart.  It worked fine on the street in front of my house.  On a hill with roots, I need something to tie down the kayak. So, switched to the old cart.

On the Wekiva  River at 7:29 AM , Saturday, June 6. From Wekiwa Springs State Park




On Rock Springs Run





 The ears gave the deer away





Leaving the waters of Wekiwa Springs State Park

 The deer in the opening photo
 The deer was near "Third Landing" which is part of Kelly Park, an Orange County facility.  Up Run from Kings Landing, where people launch to head downstream.  On this trip, I saw more people than I ever have on the upstream portion.  Fortunately, most of them stopped at a dive platform on a tree before the Third Landing.


Made it to the Second Landing.  The tube, or for me, snorkel run end point in Kelly Park.  The last time I made the effort to kayak up Rock Springs Run, Valentine's Day, I did not make it to the Third landing, due to a downed tree and vegetation blocking the way
 I turned around at 12:15




Lunch spot

 Its easier to take pictures going down the Run.

So, I took several.


 Returning to Wekiwa Springs State Park

 For renters just going out and back from King's Landing.  Which may explain the crowds I encountered. 15 or so canoes and kayaks on the best part of Rock Springs Run.  More on one day than I have seen in total over the years on the "Emerald Cut"





















 Surprised at how busy it still was at Wekiwa Springs at 5 PM

Left the water cleaner
 Drive to Sand Lake

 Trail maps.   On the trail. A new feature.

 Mill Creek





 Sand Lake




Just as I did after my paddle (almost) all the way up Rock Springs Run in February, I bought dinner at Bubbalou's Bodacious BarBQue.
Pulled pork dinner. 3 sides. Beans, Brunswick stew. Brunswick stew.
After dinner treat


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