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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cedar Key, July 5, 2015

Up with the moon

And sun



Photos from the seawall sidewalk
Breakfast, then on the water at 9:10





 Scale Key.



 Industrial ruins? 

 The fireworks viewing spot





Landed at 12:35. Had lunch, waited out the mid day heat.
Back on the water at 3.


A lot of dolphins.  Feeding, and making whoopee.  It was windy, I was pushed into one that was not paying attention. First ever kayak-dolphin contact. Then I got the picture that is the opener for this Tale.




Spent an hour with the pod.  Until a storm blew in.

Off the Gulf at 10 past 4
 Watching the storm from my room.

Back in the kayak at 6 PM

Dolphins were still out.  They always are, sometimes I just don't see them

I thought the froth might be from the dolphins









 No such thing as too many spoonbill photos



 I landed, then chased the sunset on foot.




 Dock Street



8:42 PM Time to cart the kayak across the street and call it a day.



Luis said...

Dang...that was close.

Dave said...

Not as close as the one that hit the kayak. Or, maybe, I hit it.