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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, July 10, 2015

Haulover Canal

 As I begin to add photos to the pelicans at sunset on September 1, I see this July Tale was a weeknight, after work, trip

Into Haulover Canal, from Bairs Cove, at 6:43 PM.  Making the most of my Duck Stamp, purchased in June at Ding Darling.  The $5 fee is waived for Stamp holders.



Young yellow crowned night heron



 The sign does not lie


I have always wanted to get the pelican with the vertical beak pose.  This is the second one I have captured in the past Tale or two.

Spoonbills on Mullet Head Island







A wide variety of birds on the sanctuary island as sunset neared








 The mob at the end of the dirt road launch. One reason I launch at Bairs Cove in the late afternoon.  They were going to see bioluminescence  As I had to work and you need total dark to see it, I headed back to Bairs Cove
 Until I saw white around my paddle.  The bioluminescence had begun. So, I stayed on the water a little longer

Dolphins at the drawbridge added to my stay

 Too bad it was too dark to get dolphin photos.
 Or decent dinoflagellate (the light emitting critters) pics.
Landed at 9:10

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