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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day, Cedar Key

 On the balcony at 6:31 AM
Another golf cart blocking access. To the kayak rack at Park Place. 

On the water at 9:05

 Into the Number 2 Channel

Need to see a blue heron.

For red, white, and blue.


Tri colored, not blue, heron



Cemetery Point. The fireworks will be set off here





Better dolphin pictures


The area below is directly across from Cemetery Point
 Looks like a good spot to view the fireworks.  In 2014, I watched them from my kayak.  It was high tide.  This year, the tide was going to be low after sunset.





Landed at 12:30

 Holiday festivities in City Park
My room is above the one with the bunting. Went in for a while. Good view for ClamFest
 Back out for some BBQ from the Ada Blue Cafe
 Which I brought back inside.  Cool comfort.  Tony's chowder, too.

Mullet toss!

 I had to watch.  My kayak was leaning against the palm that was the foot fault line.
On the Gulf again at 3:30
 Looking for the Stars and Stripes.  Starting with mine.






A unique perspective of the Honeymoon Cottage.  The usual cormorants were not there, no worries about being pooped upon.



Airport Road bridge




 Mullet toss winner.
Or loser.  Depending (Ron Cuzner voice) of course, on your perspective.

 Words to live by.

Thin line between the Gulf and G Street

 Planting a flag on the Honeymoon Cottage





 Landed at 5:48
Had dinner, then biked to the spot on the side of State Road 24 I had picked out for watching the fireworks.
 The opening act was pretty good


There was even a flyby
By an osprey






The display was 20 minutes.  Seemed longer. Which is a good thing and a fine way to end this Tale.


Luis said...

Nice...very nice.

Dave said...

Thank you Luis. Hope you still like it, now that its finally finshied.