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Monday, August 17, 2015

Milwaukee to Cedar Lake

Jeff P.'s Cedar Lake "cottage"
At Mom's the night before.  Remember when this was the only Leinenkugel beer?  You must be old.
 Next morning. It was not 90 degrees.  My blind Mother told me the gauge is broken.  I took it down for her.


Atwater Beach. At the bottom of the bluff.
 Have I mentioned I was in Wisconsin?
I met Jeff, Mark K. and Oly at the Riverside Restaurant in Kiel.  For my second breakfast. The river being the Sheboygan.  Mark and Oly went to play golf.  Zak (Jeff) and I headed to his house on Cedar Lake.  He then headed to Milwaukee to check in at the office.
 I kayaked










 A Lake blog that explains the well above, and more.  I think the Phil quoted is Jeff's neighbor.




 Not real


 Last barn on Cedar Lake

Ninety minutes around the Lake.
In the Lake

Not a bad place to be on an early August afternoon.  Unlike Florida, you can sit outside.
Until Wisconsin turned into Florida.  After the boys returned, there was a nasty thunderstorm.  If you were watching the PGA at nearby Whistling Straits, you saw it.

 Like Florida,  the skies cleared

I forget the name of the place where we had dinner, but the Fish Fry was good.  There is no such thing as a bad Friday Fish Fry in Wisconsin.

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