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Monday, August 17, 2015

Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run

  My flight back from Milwaukee arrived around midnight, so I scheduled a day off, Monday.
In the water at Wekiva Springs State Park at 10:08.


 Did something I have not done for a long time. Reached the confluence with Rock Springs Run and continued down the Wekiva River.

The reason I do not go this way 
 Wekiva Island.  Between it and rentals from the State Park, this section of the Wekiva is too crowded on weekend.
 But this was a Monday
I had not seen it since there was a fire. At least the second one at this location.  I have been around long enough to have eaten at Alexanders.  Which burned down 20 plus years ago.
It has changed a lot.

Continuing down the Wekiva





 Directional signs to the Buffalo Tram campsite
 Another sign.   Some camper, or more than one must have complained about getting lost. Wimps. The camp site is on the opposite side of an island.  The key is to look for the wood posts from the old logging tram.  Was. Now, just follow the signs
 I camped here once. Before I discovered Moccasin Spring.
Headed up the Wekiva.




 Shell mound


Have wondered why this houseboat has been allowed to stay on the River.  It just appeared one day.
I did  little exploring
 It appears to be an enclave of private property within the State Park
No current sticker
 Another private parcel.

Wekiva Island
Fence of the houseboat property. I think.
 I landed.
 I have been a Facebook friend with one of the owners of Wekiva Island for a year or so.  Which may come as a surprise to some people.  I guess she saw some of my photos through another friend.  And may have forgot about an exchange we had in the comments from this Tale fro June, 2009   As the most environmentally aware person (non-family division) was a friend, as well as noted author and film maker Bill Belleville, I accepted the request.
 I walked around, looking for the "Wall of Shame"  I was told that pictures are posted of people doing illegal things.  Like jumping off a tree that is clearly marked, No Tresspassing, No Jumping.  I did not find it.  The guys at the rental concession truck knew nothing about it.

 Think I had the Tomoka Brewing beer.

Food is served in a separate area from the beer.
 With a shelter between

All in all, a nice place.  My problem is, I began kayaking the Wekiva in earnest when the old outfitter, Wekiva Marina, was on its last legs.  So, very few people used it.  Now, it is the place to be.  The owners are sincere in their efforts to do the right thing, but crowds can have a negative effect.    And as someone who does not like crowds, I will never come here on a weekend.  Unless, someone else is buying.
At least the $10 launch fee keeps some of the riff raff out.
 No fee to land, I think there is a dollar charge when arriving via land

 Don't remember what caused the splash




 Headed up Rock Springs Run





Landed at 2:54
 Had a snorkel

And that, dear Talegators, is how I shift make into work mode.

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