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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cedar Key

On the water before sunrise, Saturday morning



Ibis and spoonbills in the Number 2 Channel





 Not spoonbills. Snowy egrets


Number 2 Bridge











 It was Pirate Invasion Weekend


View from the balcony.


Pirates on parade

I took a photo of these scalawags before heading out.  A few pics, also with the pirate's cameras.

 I received booty for my services.
Pirate memorial service
Back on the water.  Splash from a small shark

 Atsena Otie Key

 Snake Key



Bald eagle






 Back to Atsena Otie



 Pirate ship
 Bike ride



 Sandy's Produce.  I bought seafood.

 Loft bedroom


This may be the first time I bought Charles "Moe" Beckham's mullet dip.
It was tasty

 Horseshoe crabs need a room






Cemetery Point





 Black crowned night herons














Landed for the final time on another wonderful day in Cedar Key.

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