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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lake Tomahawk Wednesday


First photo of the Tale is the last of the day.
First picture of the day





 Pete fishing
 There is a 90 minute break between photos. Must have been breakfast
On the pontoon boat

 Pete fished.  I just enjoyed the day.



 Bald eagle
 Pete dropped me off at the dock.  He took the pontoon boat back to Tomahawk Shores. Which, if memory serves, is where the Haughs used to stay. I drove to pick him up, then lunch in Lake Tomahawk.
 Wild rice is the thing to add to soup, Up North.  And you were thinking, cheese.
 Swiss on the Reuben, of course
For those who fall, and forget the name.


 Pete got some meat to take home.  Nice market.

 Pete swam before he headed home

 Touring the grounds. Empty boat house. For the 6 unit motel up the hill

 Speaking up the hill, I see Pete's kayak is. Must be the afternoon the wind almost blew it off the dock.


 Yup, it was the windy afternoon. So, the grounds tour continues




As I think back, writing on November 8, there were 2-3 eagle soaring overhead
The wind died down, so, I got in the kayak

Just 50 minutes on the water. At least I got out. Again.

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