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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

National Kayaking Day at Lake Tomahawk

 In 2010, I decreed the Tuesday after Labor Day shall henceforth be "National Kayaking Day"

Rain does not dampen this holiday
Even as it blurs bald eagles




Landed at the island where Pete, I and Tom Gardner camped a few years ago.  Like 40.


Applied 3 months ago. Think I was safe.
 Bald eagle on the island




I was changing cameras, depending on how hard the rain fell. Which explains the difference in in picture quality.
 Pat, left, Pete and I went to Lake Tomahawk shores and rented a pontoon boat.  Pete paid.


 Pete let me drive

From this angle, I am either on the dock, or in the kayak
 Little Lake Tomahawk

 Mud Lake channel





Pete was fishing

Almost looks like a Florida spring


Pete nicely maneuvered the pontoon to a shallow are so I could stand up and get the kayak back on board.
 I impressed myself when began the paddle.  A long drop down from the pontoon to the kayak. Good thin the cockpit is wider than my usual kayak

Join us out here!

 Passing the Lakeside, where Pat and I had lunch, Monday.

Not open weekdays, after Labor Day
 The Narrows cabins.  At the Lake Tomahawk end of the Narrows, the channel to Lake Minocqua





We stopped at Bosackis

Which has a different name, but why mess with tradition


 Fried cheese curds on a pontoon boat. Can't get more Wisconsin than that



About half way between Lake Tomahawk and Lake Minocqua 



Pete, Jackie, and I stayed here, Labor Day Weekend, 2000.





 Dock remover
Back at the cabin, I went for a sunset paddle

Merganser movie



Our dock

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