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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wekiva River, Blackwater Creek, Mosquito Lagoon

Underway from Katie's Landing.

 Down the Wekiva River






 Blackwater Creek mouth


 High ground rest stop not so high. In the dry season, the pond in the background is empty.

  Turned around, and came back down Creek

 Creek level gauge

 Publix sub lunch.  Had the first half, Saturday
















 Went on a walk

 A so called "super moon" was forecast to rise early in the evening.  I thought it would be neat to see it rise over the Atlantic. So, I headed to the coast.  After downloading the day's pictures.  Which turned out to be a good idea.

Before the beach, a Mosquito Lagoon paddle.  From Bethune Park

The usual manatees in the cove



1201 mtc



I paddled towards the Canaveral National Seashore.
Ripples near the kayak. Fish, I thought. I should know better.  And I should have put the camera in a higher, drier, position. As the manatee next to me took off with a splash.  I should have done nothing. Instead, I paddled, thinking that would separate us.  Only brought us closer.  Until, with a shake of its fluke, the manatee shot away.  A wall of water came into the kayak.
This was taken after some bailing.  With camera 2, in a watertight case.  Camera was done.  Well, mostly.  It can still take pictures, but without a working view screen.
 Saw a dolphin as I headed back to Bethune Park.  Unable to get any photos




 Manatees at dusk
Landed.  The Atlantic is across the street.

 You probably  saw much better super moon photos
 But, did they have a shrimp boat on the horizon?


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