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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cedar Key

Just missed sunrise

 From the kayak


 White pelican at the wreck in the Number 2 Channel

 Spoonbills, too


Yellow crowned night heron

 Juvenile yellow crowned night heron
Ibis, snowy egrets and wood stork










 Not much tide movement



Landed on Atsena Otie


Atsena Otie is the one of the Keys in the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge where people are allowed into the interior on a daily basis.
 As long as the mosquitos let them.  I did not get very far.





Line shows the incoming tide
 Outgoing Dave




Looking out from the balcony.
 Cedar Key kayak storage

 Got me some seafood.



Grouper Venus clams and spiny lobster

In Cedar Key, you can see where your dinner comes from


 Bald eagle pair












Supper time

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