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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cedar Key


Looks like this was the day I began to time stamp my photos.  Several months ago, the times stop appearing when I downloaded to the laptop. So, I had no idea at what time, or for how long, I was on the water.  So, I did this.
So, I know I was on the Gulf at 8:15.  No time stamp on the opening photo.  Taken with another camera, at sunset.














Fiddler crabs at Cemetery Point



Fiddler crab closeup






 Wreck in the Number 2 Channel at low tide


Passing between the sandbars at the channel mouth



 See the eagle's head?

 Migratory ducks have arrived. Buffleheads




Low tide extended my time on the water. Not a bad thing. Lunch, then back out just before 3 PM


Atsena Otie Key eagles nest looked empty









Sunset time




 Sunlight gone, Christmas lights on



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